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Bass lesson – Higher Ground by The Red Hot Chili Peppers – with bass tabs

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Here is how to play the bass line for Higher Ground as recorded by The Red Hot Chili peppers including bass tabs. Higher Ground was originally recorded by Stevie Wonder in 1973, but the Chili Peppers made a very power...

Bass lessons – How to play I Wish by Stevie Wonder with tabs

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Here is a detailed explanation how to play the bassline for Stevie Wonder's I Wish. This great bassline was played by Nathan Watts on the original Stevie Wonder record. It is not very hard to play, but the bridge sect...

Most recent bass videos

The LED bass player

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Italian bass player Davie504 wears a very cool outfit for this funky performance, a LED suit. Now that would be great for a Tron inspired jam!

Bass lesson – fretless bass intonation

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In this video Derek Jones shares tips and tricks for intonation on the fretless bass. Intonation is the skill of playing notes on a variable pitch instrument such as a fretless bass that are on pitch and musical sound...

Bass demo – The new 2013 Gibson EB bass

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In this video you will see the new 2013 Gibson EB bass. A very interesting bass, because it is the first new Gibson bass model that is not based on any of their old guitar designs.The Gibson EB electric bass guitar ha...

G&L MJ4 active bass review

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Well, The Bass Whisperer is back with a vengance! After a long absence Ed Friedland is back with his excellent bass gear reviews, and this this time he takes an in depth look at the new G&L MJ4 bass guitar. The G&L MJ...

Bass lesson – Californication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers – with bass tabs

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Even though this video is from Brazil and you might not understand a word that is being said, the bass line for Californication is explained very well with bass tabs included in the video that run along the bass line....

Bass lessons – tips and tricks for bass tapping

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In this video by Elixir strings Derek Jones shows his personal tips and tricks for bass tapping. With the bass tapping technique you can play melodies, comp chords and even create amazing exhibitions for solo electric...

Reunion Blues AeroB2 Aero Series Bass Guitar Case review

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In this review takes a look at the new AeroB2 Aero Series Bass Guitar Case by Reunion Blues, to see if it protects as well as a hard case and if it is practical enough to replace hard cases and gig...

Shuffler studio session – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick / Alphabet Street

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Shuffler is a four­-piece band that combines the incomparable musicianship skills of Paul Turner – bass; Rob Harris – guitar; and Derrick McKenzie – drums, with the precocious vocal and percussion talent of Daniel Pea...

SMV – Live at Festival de Jazz de Vitoria in 2009 – full concert

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In this video Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Victor Wooten are playing live together as SMV at Festival de Jazz de Vitoria in 2009. SMV is a bass supergroup formed in 2008. The group's name comes from the first in...

Bass demo – Fender American Vintage ’63 Precision Bass

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In this video Fender demo's the new American Vintage '63 Precision Bass. The year 1963 marks an important moment in Precision Bass history because that's when a comfortable new round-laminated rosewood fingerboard fir...